Google Pixel Watch 3, a look into the future: release date, leaks, features

The Google Pixel Watch 2 was unveiled a few months ago. Tech lovers all over the world were waiting for its official release with anticipation. In this article, we look forward to its successor, Pixel Watch 3, the leaks so far, along with the features and capabilities that we hope to see in it.

It’s fair to say, the original device received a lukewarm response. With its sleek design and robust functionality it was a worthy first effort. Things were improved the second time around. The upgraded device boasts new health sensors, a faster processor, and longer battery life, delivering a smoother, more comprehensive smartwatch experience than Google’s first attempt. But there are still some negatives which give us inspiration for this article.

Google Pixel Watch 3: Potential release date

Let’s start off first with the potential release date. The rumours about the first Pixel Watch date back more than five years. However nothing materialised until October 2022. A few times along the way, we totally gave up hope of ever seeing the device. But now things seems to have settled into a regular release schedule.

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Just like Apple, Google has one smartwatch. In Apple’s case this has become a range, with a subsequent editions released without fail each year. And Google has adopted this approach. Which means we can expect the next Google Pixel Watch to land in October 2024.

Google Pixel Watch 3: leaks and rumours

So far there has only been one rumour about the upcoming device. Various news outlets are reporting that there will be two size editions of the device. The current generation measures 41mm in diameter. Which is quite small. The advantage of this is that it is a unisex device that those with small wrists can wear comfortably. Considering competitor sizing, we expect the additional size model on Pixel Watch 3 to come in at around 45 mm.

We were actually hoping this option would arrive in 2023. But better late than never.

If any other rumours or leaks emerge, we will update this article. In the meantime, let’s move on to our wishlist.

Google Pixel Watch 2

Google Pixel Watch 3: features and capabilities wishlist

Get rid of those thick bezels

The Pixel Watch 2 swaps the original’s stainless steel for a lighter aluminum casing. While this means a slightly less premium look, the aluminum design offers a noticeable improvement in comfort due to reduced weight.

What has remained the same, though, are the prominent bezels. They are ugly. The thick borders frame the watch’s display, resulting in a dated appearance compared to some of its sleeker rivals. While the overall design is attractive, the bezel size does reduce the available screen real estate. Hopefully, Google will prioritize a more edge-to-edge display in the next iteration of the Pixel Watch, creating a more immersive and modern visual experience.

Some health metrics require a premium membership

One point of contention with the current Pixel Watch model is the necessity of a Fitbit Premium membership to unlock certain health metrics. This paywall limits the full health-tracking potential of the watch for users unwilling to commit to the additional subscription. 

Hopefully, Google will reconsider this strategy for the Pixel Watch 3. By integrating more in-depth health analytics as standard features, Google would make the Pixel Watch 3 a more compelling and inclusive health and fitness companion.

Unfortunately an increasing number of companies are taking the subscription route. We are not fans of this approach, and feel that if you buy hardware you should have access to all the metrics it is capable of producing.

Longer battery life

A full battery for the Google Pixel Watch lasts up to 24 hours with the always display on. And while this is enough to support sleep tracking and other features, it is not great. Dismal might be a better word.

And, yes, we are aware that this is a wear OS watch, but still. Only 24 hours?

Let’s aim for 2-3 days as a minimum on the Google Pixel Watch 2. Surely this not too much to ask for! With more power-efficient internals and a larger battery, it should be achievable.

Google Pixel Watch 2

New health sensors

The Pixel Watch 2 made significant strides in health tracking with the addition of a skin temperature sensor and a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor for stress detection. This has brought it on par with the Fitbit Sense 2. However,there’s still room for future iterations to take things further. Additional sensors capable of monitoring blood pressure, for example, would make the Pixel Watch 3 a truly comprehensive health and wellness device.

Having said that, it is difficult to forecast what sort of sensor improvements we might see. Fitbit has not released very much in terms of hardware over the past year, so things seem to have stagnated a bit on this front. We’re not sure what’s going on.

Google watch is still limited for workout tracking

While the Pixel Watch offers solid workout tracking capabilities, it still falls short in providing dedicated performance-oriented statistics. This is particularly the case when compared to specialized sports watches like those from Garmin. 

And yes, we do realise that this is a fitness and health watch rather than a sports watch. Regardless, it would be nice if future iterations of the Pixel Watch will go beyond the basics. This would give serious athletes deeper insights into their training. Here we’re hoping for advanced metrics like recovery time guidance, and more detailed breakdowns of training load and intensity.

iPhone compatibility

Unsurprisingly, Pixel watch works best with Pixel smartphones. You are also good if you have an Android smartphone. However, those who own an iPhone are out of luck. Google Pixel Watch does not play nice with Apple’s ecosystem.

There are numerous reasons for this. Smartwatches are intended to be an extension of smartphones. As a result, the Apple Watch is the ideal companion for an iPhone. The same is true for Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch. The Google timepiece requires an Android on the other end in order to function properly.

Is it possible that this will change in the future? We can’t think of any reason why not.

In the past, Android watchmakers such as Samsung have provided some iPhone compatibility. This was accomplished using a third-party Galaxy Watch iOS app. Unfortunately, the support was pulled a few years ago. But this demonstrates that it is doable.

Does Pixel Watch 3 really need to be this expensive?

The Google Pixel Watch is pricey. The device costs $350 for the entry level GPS + Bluetooth-only configuration. The high-end LTE-compatible version will set you back an additional $50. This is in addition to the LTE wireless service plan.

As of late, Google and other retailers have started offering discounts on Pixel Watch. It is not typical for price cuts to be available so soon after the launch of a device.

Our hope is that Pixel Watch 3 will be priced more reasonably. Of course this will in the end depend on its specs. The other option is for Google to introduce a cheaper version. Something akin to the Apple Watch SE.

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