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Environment health tracking Ultrahuman Home is live now on Kickstarter

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Ultrahuman Home is live now on Kickstarter. The device was originally demoed at CES 2024, as something meant to track and enhance the health of living spaces.

The company is a newcomer but has quickly established itself in the wearable tech space. Recently reviewed on our blog, their Ring Air is a testament to Ultrahuman’s innovative spirit. This wearable device offers detailed health insights, focusing on fitness and wellness metrics. Its sleek design and advanced features have paved the way for the introduction of Ultrahuman Home.

Introducing Ultrahuman Home

Ultrahuman Home extends the company’s vision by focusing on the health of living environments. It provides insights into external factors like artificial light, air quality, humidity, and noise levels, which are a contributing factor to overall health. This device is the first in the wearable space to correlate home environment data with individual lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress, offering personalized recommendations to improve these passive health markers.

Ultrahuman Home
Image source: Ultrahuman

Unlike regular home health monitors that provide static data, Ultrahuman Home offers a longitudinal view of environmental markers and their impact on health over time. This innovative approach enables users to understand and adjust their living environments in ways that can profoundly benefit their health.

Ultrahuman Home boasts several advanced capabilities. It is the first time we are seeing some of these in a device that monitors home environmental markers.

  • Natural Light Spectrum Monitoring: It measures UV and sunlight levels, emphasizing the importance of Vitamin D for healthy sleep patterns.
  • PM Detection: The device actively monitors particulate matter levels, promoting respiratory health.
  • Noise Detection: It identifies disturbances during sleep, providing insights into sleep quality.
  • Humidity Level Monitoring: Ultrahuman Home helps maintain optimal humidity for lung health.
  • Blue Light Exposure Monitoring: The device tracks exposure to artificial light, aiding in better sleep.
  • Smoke Sensor: An added feature for enhanced safety against respiratory issues and fire hazards.
Ultrahuman Home
Image source: Ultrahuman

There is no screen on the device, only indicator LEDs. Which means the only way to properly review the environment data is via the Ultrahuman smartphone app. Which, in our mind, is a minute. The company says they made this decision because they are interested in longitudinal trends, and not was so much point in time data.

Founder’s vision and privacy concerns

Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO of Ultrahuman, highlights the device’s unique ability to link individual health markers with environmental factors. Prioritizing user privacy, Ultrahuman Home features on-demand microphone control and on-device processing, along with a dim light feature to support sleep health.

You can check out the detailed specs and/or order Ultrahuman Home on its Kickstarter page.

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