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Xiaomi Watch S4: What we know so far

As anticipation builds for Xiaomi’s next smartwatch release, rumors and early information about the Xiaomi Watch S4 have begun to surface. While details remain scarce, here’s what we’ve learned so far about this upcoming wearable.

The Xiaomi Watch S4 has been spotted in the IMEI database (via GizmoChina) with the model number M2424W1. This follows the naming convention of its predecessor, the Watch S3 (M2311W1). Industry insiders expect the Watch S4 to debut alongside the Xiaomi 15 series smartphones, likely in October of this year.

The regulatory documents do not reveal any info about specs, but they do confirm the name of the upcoming device. Given that the Watch S3 offered e-SIM functionality, it’s likely the S4 will continue to support e-SIM technology. Additionally, rumors suggest Xiaomi might introduce a Xiaomi Watch S4 Sport model, potentially catering to more demanding users.

Building on the S3’s Legacy

The Xiaomi Watch S3, released less than a year ago, set a high bar for its successor. In my hands-on review, I note its stylish design, interchangeable bezels, and extensive watch face options. The S3 strikes balance between fashion and function. It offers reliable GPS tracking, accurate heart rate monitoring, and detailed performance metrics at a competitive price point.

While the Watch S3 is clearly a solid device, there’s room for enhancement in the S4 model. Some features users might hope to see include skin temperature tracking, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring, compatibility with external heart rate straps, and enhanced smartwatch capabilities. While the S3 has a lot going for it, I did mark these things as negatives in my review.

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The Xiaomi Watch S4 has the potential to build upon the strengths of its predecessor while addressing some of its limitations. If it can maintain the S3’s focus on customizable style while expanding its health and fitness tracking capabilities, the S4 could be a winner. No other info is available yet and Xiaomi has not confirmed or denied any of this. Considering the likely reveal date is still months away, new info should surface over the Summer.

We are also anxiously waiting for Xiaomi Band 9. Strangely enough there have been no leaks or info on that device. Typically the company introduces new generations of the device in late May or early June. This year the Mid Band will see its debut later – probably in July or August.

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