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Realme Watch S2 makes FCC appearance: Launch seems near

Realme is preparing to launch its latest smartwatch, the Realme Watch S2. A recent addition on the FCC certification website has given us a glimpse into the upcoming device.

The device, bearing the model number RMW2401, appears to be building upon the success of its predecessors while introducing some intriguing changes. A notable revelation from the FCC listing is the watch’s battery capacity. The S2 is set to feature a 380mAh battery, which is actually a slight reduction from the 390mAh battery found in the original Watch S. This change, however, doesn’t necessarily indicate a step backward. It could suggest that Realme has implemented more power-efficient components or software optimizations to maintain, or potentially improve, battery life.

Charging capabilities seem to have received an upgrade. The charger’s model number, A152A-090200U-CN1, hints at the possibility of 5W charging support. This could translate to faster charging times, addressing a common pain point for smartwatch users who often find themselves tethered to chargers.

The FCC filing also offers a peek at the Watch S2’s design. Like its predecessors, the S2 appears to maintain a circular form factor. The bottom of the watch showcases a circular button on the right side, accompanied by a crown. This layout suggests improved navigation and control options for users.

Perhaps most intriguing is the cluster of sensors visible in the center of the watch’s underside. This configuration implies that Realme is doubling down on health and fitness tracking capabilities. That’s to be expected considering the last device in the series saw the light of day more than three years ago!

Looking back

While the Watch S2 seems to be an evolution rather than a revolution, it’s worth noting how far Realme has come in the smartwatch market. The first device in the S series dropped in 2020. The Watch S packed a circular AMOLED display, a bunch of health sensors, and impressive 15-day battery life.

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The Watch S Pro, introduced shortly after, pushed the envelope further with built-in GPS, 5 ATM water resistance, and a higher resolution display. Each iteration has seen Realme refine its offering, balancing features with affordability.

We can expect the Watch S2 to continue this trend of thoughtful improvements. Given the FCC certification, the international launch of the Realme Watch S2 seems imminent. The company has consistently positioned its wearables as feature-rich alternatives to more expensive options, and the S2 is likely to continue this strategy.

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