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Xiaomi Smart Band 9 leak: More accurate, brighter, longer-lasting

Recent reports from a Czechoslovakian technology website XM have shed light on the potential features of Xiaomi’s upcoming Smart Band 9. While the information comes from an unnamed source described as “extremely reliable,” it’s important to note that these details remain unconfirmed by Xiaomi.

First off, Xiaomi is clearly running a bit behind schedule this year. We usually see these bad boys hit the market in late May or early June, but here we are in July with no official word. The expectations are now that we will see the next iteration of the fitness band by the end of July or early August. So let’s see if that pans out.

Familiar design with subtle refinements

For those who appreciate the Smart Band’s current design, there’s good news. The leak suggests that Xiaomi isn’t straying far from its successful formula. The Smart Band 9 is said to maintain its versatile wearing options, allowing users to sport it on their wrist, as a necklace, or even attached to their shoe for varied activity tracking.

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The device reportedly features an aluminum alloy body treated with sandblasting technology, available in five color options: silver, black, pink, blue, and purple. In terms of dimensions, the Smart Band 9 is said to be slightly smaller (but thicker) than its predecessor at 46.53 × 21.63 × 10.95 millimeters, while maintaining a similar weight of 27.4 grams including the strap.

Display: same size, brighter future

While the screen size remains unchanged at 1.62 inches, the Smart Band 9 is rumored to pack a significant punch in terms of brightness. The AMOLED display is said to maintain its 192 × 490 pixel resolution (providing a crisp 326 ppi), but with a maximum brightness of 1200 nits – double that of the Smart Band 8. This improvement could greatly enhance visibility in bright outdoor conditions. The leak also mentions that the display will retain its 60 Hz refresh rate and feature an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment.

Xiaomi Smart Band 9
Will this be Xiaomi Smart Band 9?

Extended battery life and faster connectivity

As far as battery, the Smart Band 9 is reported to house a beefier 233 mAh lithium-polymer battery. This represents a 23% increase in capacity compared to the previous model.

According to the leak, this upgrade could translate to up to 21 days of normal use or 9 days with the Always on Display feature activated. The source also claims that charging from zero to 100% should take about an hour, which is impressive given the increased capacity.

On the connectivity front, the Smart Band 9 is said to be making the jump to Bluetooth 5.4. This upgrade from the previous model’s Bluetooth 5.1 should bring improvements in performance, security, and energy efficiency.

Enhanced health and fitness features

The leak suggests that the Smart Band 9 will retain its three-axis acceleration sensor and three-axis gyroscope for accurate motion tracking. However, the heart rate and blood oxygen sensors are said to be 10% more accurate than those in the previous model, potentially providing more reliable health data. So no new sensors this time around.

Sleep tracking, an increasingly important feature for many users, is reportedly receiving a significant overhaul. The source claims that the Smart Band 9 will offer more detailed sleep data along with expert advice and recommendations for improving sleep quality.

In terms of workouts, the device is said to support over 150 sport modes. It will also reportedly feature ten built-in running courses that can be started directly from the wrist, which is something new. The 5 ATM water resistance rating is said to be maintained, making the device suitable for swimming.

Haptic improvements

An interesting detail mentioned in the leak is an upgrade to the vibration motor. The Smart Band 9 is said to feature a modernized linear motor offering 20 distinct vibration modes. This could provide more nuanced haptic feedback for various notifications and alarms, enhancing the user experience.

Potential pricing

While pricing isn’t confirmed, the leak suggests it may be around 1,000 CZK (approximately $45 USD).

As with all leaks, this information should be treated as speculative until officially confirmed by Xiaomi. However, if accurate, the Smart Band 9 appears to offer several incremental improvements over its predecessor, mostly in battery life, display brightness, and sensor accuracy.

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