TomTom Spark 3
Tech specs 
Size24 x 3.8 x 1.3 cm
MaterialPlastic in rubber strap
BatteryLithium Polymer
Battery lifeBattery lasts up to 3 weeks in non-GPS mode and 11 hours with GPS
Water-resistance5 ATM
Weight72 grams
SensorDigital compass, gyro sensor, accelerometer, GPS
Display144 x 168 resolution
Screen size22 x 25mm display
ColorsStraps come in a wide range of colors
OtherPLATFORM: Android
MEMORY: 3GB storage
CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth, Wifi
Activity tracking 
Calories burnedYes
Heart rate
Stress & recovery
Pulse Ox
Respiration rate
UV exposure
Skin temperature
Galvanic skin response
Hydration level
Calorie intake
Running featuresDuration, speed and pace for the entire run. Mile by mile, calories burned, breadcrumb trails, pre-loaded trails, number of steps and heart rate and heart rate zone minute by minute
Swimming featuresSpeed, pace, stroke rate and number of laps, calories burned and distance
Other - The watch also comes in a "music+headphones" version - this provides over 500 songs of music storage
Track different activities on your fitness watch with dedicated modes.
- cycling mode: Duration, speed and pace for the entire ride. Mile by mile, calories burned, breadcrumb trails, pre-loaded trails, location and heart rate and heart rate zone
- treadmill mode: Duration, speed and pace, number of steps, calories burned and heart rate and heart rate zone
- also has gym mode, freestyle mode, indoor cycling mode and stopwatch mode
Non-fitness functions 
Smartphone notifications
On-board music storageMusic version of watch has on-board storage
Connected pay
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