Pavlok 2
Tech specs 
Size3.6 x 3.6 x 1.8 cm
MaterialSmooth steel mesh wristband, or white silicone band. You can also clip it to your existing watch.
ChargingMicro USB
Battery life3-5 days
Water-resistanceSplash proof
Weight100 grams
Sensor9 axis accelerometer, vibration motor
DisplayLED indicators
Screen size
ColorsBlack, Gray
Activity tracking 
Calories burned
Heart rate
Stress & recovery
UV exposure
Skin temperature
Galvanic skin response
Hydration level
Calorie intake
Running features
Swimming features
Other The device is designed to breaks bad habits via haptic feedback. Pavlov uses vibration, beep, tap, and zap sensations to train your brain to dislike bad habits and prefer good ones. Comes ready to learn and detect new gestures and motions so you can use it to fit your exact needs.
Non-fitness functions 
Smartphone notificationsCapable of advanced patterns for beep/vibrate/zap, meaning you can create unique notifications that will alert you to exactly what you are getting a notification for without having to look at your phone.
On-board music storage
Connected pay
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