Whoop 3
Tech specs 
Size2.54 x 4.445 x 0.635 cm
MaterialPlastic casting
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery lifeFive days
Water-resistance3 ATM
SensorHeart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Gyroscope, Ambient Temperature, Motion via 3-Axis Accelerometer, and On/Off Wrist Detection via Capacitive Touch Sensor
DisplaySmartphone app
Screen size
ColorsArctic, Carbide, Onyx, Reef, Denim bands.
Activity tracking 
Calories burnedYes
Heart rateYes, including HRV
Stress & recoveryYes
Pulse Ox
Respiration rateYes
UV exposure
Skin temperature
Galvanic skin response
Hydration level
Calorie intake
Running features
Swimming features
Other Strain Coach: to help you optimize the way you train, the wearable spits out real-time exertion level recommendations based on your body’s recovery. Put more simply, it will tell you if you should push harder or are overdoing it.
WHOOP Snap+: this feature lets you overlay real-time data onto videos or photos. The media can then be saved, analyzed or shared with friends for bragging rights.
Heart Rate Broadcast: users can now connect third-party BLE compatible apps and devices to broadcast heart rate. This includes Wahoo computers, Strava, TrainerRoad and much more.
Non-fitness functions 
Smartphone notifications
On-board music storage
Connected pay
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