Digitsole Run Profiler
DescriptionRun Profiler gives you the running analysis of your activity by analyzing your stride in 3D and in real time.
BatteryTotal battery life in sleep mode = 2 weeks
End-to-end battery life when connected = 2 days
Battery life when used in connected for 2h/day = 10 days
Battery life when used in connected for 4h/day = 7 days
Battery life when used in connected for 6h/day = 6 days
Battery life when used in connected for 8h/day = 5 days
Water resistanceIPX6
Sensors on both feetYes
Activity trackingSteps, calories, distance, fatigue. Records five hours of running data. Analyzes the 3D position of your feet and the characteristics of your strides. Detects and measures your fatigue and reduce the risk of Injury. Analyses your gait to show you how to spend less energy
Real time data“Live tracking” offers real-time monitoring of your run, showing the major aspects of your run, monitoring criteria such as the distance covered, the number of strides or the number of calories burned. At the end of your workout, you can get more information by going from the “live” screen to your workout history.
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