DescriptionMimo keeps you connected to your baby no matter where you are. The smart monitor allows you to hear your little one’s coos and cries and get real-time insights, whether you’re in bed, downstairs, out to dinner, or at the office.
Tech specs 
Age rangeToddler
SizeOne size fits all.
MaterialAvailable in three different sizes, so you can keep monitoring your little one as they grow. Kimonos are machine washable, 100% soft cotton, and you can even throw them in the dryer on low heat.
BatteryRechargeable via USB, battery life 120 hours
Water resistancen/a
Displayvia Smartphone app.
OtherMimo uses proprietary, wearable, non-contact sensors to provide parents with real-time information. Using Bluetooth Low Energy in the Turtle, information is streamed to the Lilypad and up to the cloud. The device uses ultra low-power Bluetooth Low Energy, which is lower power than a standard audio monitor or your smartphone.
Activity trackingGives you insight about your baby’s sleep quality (REM vs non-REM), sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature.
Smartwatch functionsSet up alerts to be kept notified of changes in your baby’s activity including irregular breathing, wake-ups and roll-overs.
Safety functionsWhen you put this wearable slipper on your baby’s foot, using pulse oximetry the device will silently measure heart rate and oxygen levels. It will then send that information to the app on your smartphone as well as to a Base Station. The two work in tandem, and will sound an alert if your infant’s heart rate dips too low or spikes too high.
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