Slinger Bag
Tech specs 
DimensionsDesigned as a slightly oversized tennis bag, Slinger is your very own portable tennis ball launcher. You can put things in it such as your racket, a water bottle and more. It even has a USB port for charging your smartphone while practicing.
Weight15 kg (empty weight)
Battery life5 hours battery life
Water resistanceSplashproof
Internal memory
Smart watch compatible
Compatible brands
Impact location
Number of shots
Shot type
Spin type
Swing speed
Ball speed
Live tracking
Video function
Other- Capacity - 144 balls (recommend 72 balls for optimum performance)
- Top-speed - 45mph/72.5kmph
- Variable ball feed rate between 2-10 seconds
- Variable ball speed, the higher the speed the greater the top spin effect Adjustable speed and feed settings for beginner, intermediate and advanced
- An offering of between 10-40 degrees of ball elevation
- Battery life - up to a maximum of 5 hours
- The Slinger Oscillator (sold separately or in a bundle) is designed to house the Slinger Bag Launcher on top to create a side-to-side oscillation to increase difficulty for the player
- Telescopic Ball Pick-Up Tube (sold separately or in a bundle) helps you to pick up all tennis balls once the session is over
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