Hovding Airbag Helmet
DescriptionThe Hovding cycling air bag is an innovative product that is designed to be an alternative to a traditional bike helmet. Now on its second generation, it is worn around the neck and is intended to act as an airbag which deploys in the event of a collision, encapsulating the riders head and preventing injury.
Physical & performance 
DimensionsSmall is recommended for neck sizes of less than 36 cm (14¼ inches).
Medium is recommended for neck sizes of 34–42 cm (13½–16½ inches).
Large is recommended for neck sizes of 38–45 cm (15–17¾ inches).
Display size
Display resolution
Color display
Weight635 g without the cover.
BatteryWhen sound and light indicate a low battery level, Hövding is recharged from a computer or a wall socket, using a USB cable.
Battery lifeA fully charged battery lasts for approximately 9 hours of cycling.
Water ratingHövding can be worn in the rain, but it should not be washed or immersed in water. The removable covers are washable. The collar can be cleaned carefully with a damp cloth.
GPS enabled
Maps & memory 
Maps and routes
Ability to add maps
Accepts data cards
ANT+ cadence/speed
ANT+ heart rate strap
ANT+ power meter
ANT+ Trainer Control (FE-C)
Bluetooth smart heart rate strap
Bluetooth smart cadence / speed
Bluetooth smart power meter
Power meter compatible
Recording interval
Virtual partner
Biometric altimeter
Electronic gear shift display
Live tracking
Strava live segments
Temperature display
Display GPS & sensor data
Shock resistantYes
Wireless connection
Smart notifications
Automatic sync
OtherWhen activated, Hövding records the cyclist's movements 200 times a second. In the event of an accident, the patented airbag inflates in 0,1 seconds to form a hood that fixates your neck and provides 8 times better shock absorption than a traditional bicycle helmet.
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