Scollar Mini: smart collar for cats and small dogs

Scollar Mini: smart collar for cats and small dogs

Parallel to growth of the mainstream wearables market, there has been an increase in the market for pet wearables. From devices that allow you to remotely monitor, water and feed your pet, to technologies that unlock home doors to allow animal sitters access to your home while you are away.

Scollar Mini is a smart cat and small dog collar built on an open hardware and software platform. With a compact yet durable design, this collar does it all when it comes to your pet.

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The multi-functional little gadget in combination with the smartphone app can be used for pet tracking, training, activity monitoring, health monitoring, pet door opening, food dispensing, communicating, anti-bark reminding and perimeter barriers. An impressive list indeed.

On the front of the Scollar Mini is a tappable display. It shows information such as your pet’s name, your name, and your contact details if your pet is lost. Functionality is expanded through modules, which attach seamlessly to the collar. Because Scollar Mini is built on an open hardware and software platform, independent developers can improve the product and add additional functionality of their own.

The device uses crowdsourced GPS tracking technology, which is free of monthly fees. This enables you to set up a home area for your pet and receive an alert any time they wander outside of it. The app supports tracking of multiple pets at once and even allows you to monitor them while you are away via WiFi.

The battery lasts up to 30 days for total peace of mind. When it comes time to recharge, simply attach the portable magnetic charging block to the bottom of the collar and in an hour the collar is fully charged.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open:
$32,466 pledged of $15,000 goal
15 days to go

Estimated delivery: August 2017

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