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USA Cycling pairs with brain enhancing Halo Sport

USA cycling has teamed up with brain stimulation technology Halo Sport. National Team athletes from across its BMX, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Road, and Track teams will now have access to the performance enhancing headphones. The collaboration follows similar partnerships between Halo Neuroscience and organizations such as the San Francisco Giants, US Ski Team, UNC Basketball and US Naval Special Warfare.

USA cycling partners with Halo Sport to gain competitive edge
Image source: Halo Neuroscience

“We are looking forward to introducing Halo Sport as a training tool for our National Team,” said Scott Schnitzspahn, Vice President of Elite Athletics at USA Cycling.

“At the highest levels of our sport, the difference between standing at the top of the podium and finishing off of it can be tenths or hundredths of a second. The partnership will allow us to see how this technology can help our athletes train for their chance to be a World Champion or Olympic medalist.”

Halo Sport uses pulses of energy to prime the brain, powering athletes’ most effective workouts. This is called Neuropriming.

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What this does is, it essentially uses pulses of energy to signal the motor cortex, improving the brain’s response to training, essentially putting the brain into a temporary state of ‘hyperlearning’. When paired with workouts, Halo Sport accelerates gains in strength, explosiveness, and dexterity.

The device syncs with a smartphone app which provides users with personalized training programs. Just as important, you can also pair the headset to your smartphone to listen to your favorite tunes!

The device, previously only reserved for professional athletes, has recently been made available to the general public (view on Amazon).

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