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After the smartphone, prepare for a new smartwatch from OPPO

The Chinese manufacturer OPPO has already made a name for itself in the smartphone market, but it is now looking to transition into the smartwatch and headphones space.

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Like so many other tech giants of today, the company has not been around for very long. Its brand name was registered in 2001 and it started operation three years after. OPPO has steadily grown over the years, and since mid-2016 it holds the position as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China.

The company may be looking at a slight change in strategy, though. OPPOs’s vice president Shen Yiren  revealed some of the company’s future plans through his Weibo account today. According to Mr. Shen Yiren, Oppo is looking to enter the smartwatch space with a device that is set to land sometime next year. They are also planning to release a set of a noise reduction neck-mounted headphones at some point.

He further revealed that the watch will have a round screen so will come across like a traditional watch. This means it is more likely to resemble the leaked image above, and not the crazy looking foldable smartwatch that it holds a patent for. You can see it below, courtesy of stunning renders from Dutch-based LetsGoDigital.

oppo awarded patent for a foldable smartwatch - After the smartphone, prepare for a new smartwatch from OPPO
Image source: LetsGoDigital

A couple of years ago it was rumoured OPPO is working on a smartwatch with the ability to charge to full in only five minutes. This would not be a trivial feature considering the convenience factor. Battery life issues plague lots of smartwatches.

Earlier, Strategy Analytics revealed that OPPO sold around 29.8 million smartphones in the second quarter, equivalent to 8.7% of the global market share. The company ranks as the 5th biggest smartphone brand in the world right now.

The company is known for a slew of low cost devices. Couple that with a smartwatch with a 5-minute super charging ability, and they could be sitting on a winner. With the saturation of the smartphone market, developing smartwatches and headphones seems to be the direction Oppo has chosen in the near future.

Source: GizChina via Wareable

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