First real image of OPPO watch leaked ahead of March 6th official launch

We’ve had a few official renders but now a real image of OPPO Watch has leaked. The device, which will mimics the Apple Watch in more ways than one, is slated for a March 6th release.

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The Chinese manufacturer has already made a name for itself in the smartphone market. It is now looking to come out with something you will strap to your wrist.

Like so many other tech giants of today, the company has not been around for very long. Its brand name was registered in 2001 and it started operation three years later. OPPO has steadily grown over the years, and since mid-2016 it holds the position as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China.

OPPOs’s vice president Brian Shen revealed some of OPPO’s future plans through his Weibo account a few months ago. According to Yiren, the company is looking to enter the smartwatch space with a device that is set to land sometime in 2020, most likely in the first quarter. Some say as soon as the end of February.

In terms of design, OPPO’s first smartwatch will have a rectangular dial. Unfortunately, we are not expecting the crazy looking foldable the company holds a patent for. You can see it below, courtesy of stunning renders from Dutch-based LetsGoDigital.

OPPO awarded patent for a foldable smartwatch
Image source: LetsGoDigital

What we’ll get instead is the device pictured below. Leaked on Weibo, it shows the sleek curved screen of the watch. This is rumored to be a hyperboloid OLED display.

OPPO just gave fans another official render of its first smartwatch
Image source: Weibo

Prior to today’s leaked image, an official renders was posted on Weibo by Shen a couple of weeks ago. Apart from the two navigational buttons, it seems very similar to the Apple Watch. One of the buttons also has a green LED light. A microphone hole can be found between them.

OPPO’s first smartwatch will reportedly be able to measure ECG

Shen followed this up with another official render, this time via Twitter. You can’t see them, but an enhanced image shows the two buttons on the right-hand side are there. He writes the timepiece will boast a “curved screen and 3D glass” and that it would be a “game changer” for smartwatches. The smarts are attached to a leather strap whereas the first image shows them with a silicone band.


There’s still lots we don’t know about the device. An earlier, unconfirmed leak from Digital Stations suggests it will be able to measure ECG. This means it would be quite advanced in terms of fitness tracking sensors as not many watches have an ECG sensor. This functionality has the potential to warn some people who do not know they are living with a heart condition.

A couple of years ago it was rumoured OPPO is working on a smartwatch with the ability to charge to full in only five minutes. This would not be a trivial feature considering the convenience factor. Battery life issues plague lots of smartwatches.

The company is known for a slew of low cost devices. Couple that with a feature-rich smartwatch with a super charging ability, and they could be sitting on a winner. With the saturation of the smartphone market, developing smartwatches and headphones seems to be the direction OPPO has chosen in the near future.

The OPPO Watch is up for reservations now through the OPPO smartwatch app. The official reveal is expected on March 6th, at the event to launch the OPPO Kind X2 and Find X2 Pro smartphones.

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