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Speedo Shine – a new activity tracker for swimmers

Wearables company Misfit has partnered with Speedo to create a new activity tracker designed for swimmers.

The device uses similar hardware to the earlier versions of the firm’s Shine, which was already waterproof, but adds new algorithms to its firmware. Misfit is in competition with other companies, such as Garmin and TomTom, that already sell watches that can count swimming laps.

Speedo Shine wearable is worn on the wrist and capable of tracking both swim distance and lap count; regardless of swim stroke. It syncs with the Misfit app for iOS and Android and displays laps and swim distance, along with calories burned and points earned. The device will soon also work with Speedo’s personalized swim tracking app, Speedo Fit.

According to Misfit, the device offers “industry-leading accuracy”. However, the Speedo Shine cannot count the individual number of strokes or identify stroke types, which some of the more expensive swimming watches can do.

Here are a few things however that set this product apart:

  • It is made of machined aluminum that’s waterproof to 50 meters.
  • Offers accurate lap counting
  • It is the thinnest product of its kind—just 8.6 millimeters, and 3.3 millimeters at its edge
  • The battery lasts up to six months
  • The Speedo Shine also monitors sports and activity outside the pool as well as tracking light and deep sleep automatically
  • It doesnt look like technology and is meant to be worn both in and out of the water
  • It uses 12 LEDs set around the device’s perimeter to let wearers track their progress toward their daily activity goal.
  • It is modular and works with different accessories, including a sport band, clip, leather bands (not recommended for use in water), mesh metal bands, and more
  • Backed by Speedo, the world leader in swim and swim apparel

The Speedo Shine went on sale in early September in Apple’s stores and online at Misfit and Speedo’s websites.

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