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Skulpt raises funding to expand into retail and improve app

Skulpt AIM is the first device that measures muscle quality (MQ) and body fat % for 24 individual muscles in the body. The device was made after a successful IndieGogo campaign in 2014. That campaign set out with the goal of raising $100,000 in funding, but by the time it was complete, the company had raised nearly $400,000.

Skulpt has today announced the closing of a $4.1M Series A funding round. This follows a $1.4 funding Seed Round last year. Nautilus Venture Partners led the new round with participation from Caerus Venture Partners. The fresh financing will be used for expansion into retail over the next year and to enhance Skulpt’s mobile app functionality to include personalized, data-driven fitness plans.

Jose Bohorquez, the co-founder and CEO of Skulpt said, “I’m really proud of what our team has accomplished so far and this round of funding helps us take things to the next level. We plan to expand into retail in 2016 and grow our team to continuously improve our app for current and future customers. Our vision is to help people improve their health and fitness efficiently, by using information about their bodies that they can’t get anywhere else.”

Aim uses EIM technology. This is a technique in which a current is applied directly to each muscle using optimized electrode configurations and frequencies. As a result, the current flows past the subcutaneous fat and through the muscle in a much more controlled fashion, for greater accuracy.

Skulpt raises funding to expand into retail and improve app

Last week Skulpt unveiled the Chisel at CES Unveiled in New York. The Chisel, which is currently raising funds on Indiegogo for a limited price of $99 (will be priced at $149), does everything the Aim does without the need for a screen, improving battery life.

Juan Jaramillo, VP of Product for Skulpt, said “The Indiegogo community put us on the map two years ago when we launched our first product, the Skulpt Aim. We wanted to give them an opportunity to order the Chisel before it’s available to anyone else, and provide us with valuable feedback that will help us make the overall product even better.”

Skulpt’s EIM technology was developed at Harvard and MIT and is currently used in top research hospitals across the US. Thanks to the device, for the first time, users are able to gather data about the quality of individual muscles to better understand their bodies and succeed in fitness training.

Skulpt raises funding to expand into retail and improve app

Skulpt claims that the Aim is five times more accurate than bioimpedance scales, and three to four times more accurate than measuring with callipers. We have been using the device since it came out in the spring, and our impression as well is that it is accurate. Click here to read our comprehensive review.


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