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Zepp’s redesigned multisport tracker adds Smart Coach system

Zepp’s redesigned multisport tracker adds Smart Coach system
Image source: Zepp

Zepp is a motion-sensor training system that has been helping people analyze and improve their technique for a while now. The company has, this week, announced a new and improved device to help better your form even further.

The original Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is a small sensor you attach to your glove in a mount. Download the companion app, pair up, and a bunch of fascinating swing data is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The array of sensors uses an accelerometer to track hip movements, and notes everything from the speed of your hands to the tempo of your forward and backswing, before showing your data in the app which flashes up in less than a second after you’ve hit the ball.

The key change in Zepp 2 is in its design, going from a square to a slightly smaller and more rounded design. The device packs a bigger eight-hour-lasting battery, two gyroscopes instead of one, two accelerometers, and upgraded Bluetooth Low Energy for better connectivity and battery life. The addition of a new sensor means that the second-generation Zepp is more accurate.

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Another big change is the new Smart Coach feature. Essentially, the new app will provide advice to help you improve your game. After a few swings the updated app will pinpoint specific areas of your game that need work. The training plans that come with the app are from established athletes such as as Mike Trout, Jennie Finch, Michelle Wie, and Keegan Bradley. Once you complete a program, you can reevaluate yourself again.

Elsewhere, the features look pretty much the same as the previous generation. You can review the data, look at visual charts of your shots, and even compare them to professional’s swings to see where you’re going wrong. Even if you don’t grasp all the stats at first, they’re presented as easy-to-understand visualisations. With the 3d view, you can also watch and replay your swing from any angle.

Zepp’s redesigned multisport tracker adds Smart Coach system
Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer
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Zepp’s redesigned multisport tracker adds Smart Coach system

The updated app is available to all Zepp owners, which means you’ll get access to most of the Smart Coach features without having to buy the new sensor. The Zepp 2 sensors for golf, baseball, and softball are on sale from today.

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2 thoughts on “Zepp’s redesigned multisport tracker adds Smart Coach system

  • Hello, I’m looking to buy a Zepp sensor for golf and tennis. One question that I can’t seem to find the answer is this: Do I have to “hit a button” on my device for each shot or can I hit a few shots and browse the data after?

    • You just play as you regularly would – the device tracks everything. Then open up the app to view your data.


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