Image source: iHealth

iHealth Wave – keeps tabs on your activity in and out of water

Image source: iHealth

Health is a company based in Mountain View, California. It is a subsidiary of the Tianjin-based, Chinese manufacturing company Andon Health, one of the largest OEM health technology manufacturers in China. The company is known for its wireless devices that can measure vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels.

iHealth has just launched Wave – a swimming tracker aimed to help improve your performance in the pool, that also doubles up as a basic activity tracker. The circular device comes in a water-resistant wrist silicone band but can also be removed to be worn in a pocket when you are not in the pool.

During the day, the Wave will monitor the usual activity tracking basics such as the number of steps that you make, along with distance travelled and calories burned. The device will also automatically track your workouts. At night it will monitor your sleep. Then it will wake up in the morning with a discreet vibrating alarm to get your ready for another activity-filled day.

Image source: iHealth

While there is nothing special about the basic activity tracking capabilities of the Wave, its with swimming where this gadget really comes onto its own. The Wave is built to handle up to 30 metres depth and can sit in salt water too. In a pool the app can be used to set pool length for tracking, but it will also track open water swimming.

The Wave will dish out a very complete set of basic swimming metrics. It can can detect three unique swimming styles: freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke, as well as the duration of your swim session, number of movements, movements per minute and calories burned.

Rather conveniently, you can use the OLED touchscreen display to view your progress right from your wrist. The display can be switched on with a vigorous flick of your wrist, and perform the same action to flick through the data screens. This makes perfect sense – if you are in the pool, you need a simple way to switch the screen on.

iHealth Wave – keeps tabs on your activity in and out of water
iHealth Wave
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iHealth Wave – keeps tabs on your activity in and out of waterView on iHealth

After your swim session synchronise all the data with the iHealth MyVitals app on iOS and Android. The app lets you check your data in graphs at any time. Save a history to see how your measurements develop over time.

iHealth says the Wave will last a up to 7 days on a full charge but that will be reduced with swim tracking to around 5 days. The device comes in the four different colours pictured above.

Check out the official video.


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