SpeedX Leopard: the first ever smart aero road bike

bioring the personal trainer on your finger 2 - SpeedX Leopard: the first ever smart aero road bikeImagine a bike with a brain – taking care of everything except the cycling. This is the idea behind SpeedX Leopard. The smart aero road bike records your ride data and provides you with professional analysis in real-time with its built-in 2.4” inch screen.

The SpeedX Smart Control can be paired with any ANT+ compatible device and is capable of measuring your performance based on the following 12 points: Lap Time, Cadence, Heart Rate, Time, Speed, Calories, Altitude, GPS, Distance, Weather, Power and Slope. With the innovative low-power GPS system the Smart Control can track and record your data for up to 800km or 40 hours. It only takes up to 30 minutes for a full charge.

In terms of design, everything has been carefully thought out. Every bike frame stacks 207 folded layers, which ultimately leads to a phenomenally light 1.2kg frame. They’ve even gone so far as to cleverly hide the brake cables in the front fork, reducing air resistance and maximising style.

Price: $1,299

$2,319,876 raised

Estimated delivery: July 2016
update (27/10/2016): shipping has started in October


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lvl fitness tracker that measures your hydration level - SpeedX Leopard: the first ever smart aero road bike

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