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Finis releases its next generation swim tracker

Finis have announced the release of Swimsense Live, the next generation of their original Swimsense device. The tracker has been updated with more accurate propriatery tracking systems, new swim-specific data, and Bluetooth for real-time results.

“We wanted to develop a device that delivered accurate swim data to swimmers of all ages and abilities,” says Finis CEO, John Mix.

“We developed new technology that will allow the swimmer to get more data, while still keeping the device simple and easy to use.”

Finis releases its next generation swim tracker
Image source: Finis

Swimsense Live has been engineered to capture stroke count, total distance, pace, calories burned, distance per stroke, SWOLF (efficiency score), and more. It also features an OLED screen so you can view your workout data in real time. The tracker has on-board memory, capable of storing up to 14 workouts.

The app has also received a revamp. The new iOS and Android application allows swimmers to track workout times, laps, calories burned, stroke specific analytics, and more. Users can track multiple devices at once, making the Swimsense Live a great device for coaches. A new web platform has also been thrown into the mix for added convenience.

“When developing FINIS Live, our primary focus was to offer a simple and intuitive mobile application that enabled users to sync, manage, and pair device summary data in real time,” says Finis Creative Manager, Rachel Westerhoff.

“We developed a mobile application that could grow with FINIS and dynamically evolve to encompass future products and services. We’re excited about this launch milestone and the opportunity to further submerge ourselves into the tech and wearable space,”

“Given how much technology has immersed itself in our everyday lives, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to get their swim data at the quick and convenient click of a button,” concluded Mix.

The tracker has an IPX8 water resistance rating, built to withstand continuous water immersion. Due to the added functionality battery life is 7 hours, down from 12 hours on the original device.

You can pickup Swimsense Live from Amazon.

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