Image source: SockIt

SockIt: a wearable to help improve young soccer players’ technique

Image source: SockIt

Gadgets to improve your soccer game (football game for our European readers…) are few and far between. SockIt, a California-based soccer company, is doing its bit to change this with a new device which helps improve young players’ technique.

It’s simple. The SockIt is a light-up kicking device for players ages 5-12. Kick the ball and it lights up, giving you instant feedback on whether you have kicked the ball with the correct area of your foot. It has been designed to correct a common problem of kids kicking the ball with their toes instead of the middle portion of their foot (the metatarsal bone region).

The one size fits all wearable is designed so that it can be securely fasted to your soccer cleats. The tracker accommodates various positions like on top of player’s laces or to the side for different kicking techniques and practice focuses.

SockIt: a wearable to help improve young soccer players’ technique
Image source: SockIt

The wearable was invented by a father to help his two young daughters become more skilled at soccer.

“After watching my daughters and their teammates continually hit the ball with their toes in practice, I went out to look for some kind of device that could help train them to instead kick on the top of their shoes,” said Joe Briganti, SockIt founder and CEO.

“I didn’t find anything in stores and saw this as a great opportunity to show my daughters a little about business and making an idea a reality.”

The SockIt is made from industrial strength thermal plastic rubber and is able to withstand shock, impact, and other extreme conditions. It is also machine washable. The light-up function is made possible by six LEDs powered with a replaceable lithium battery.

The SockIt also has a charitable, giving-back business model. For every unit sold, The company donates a portion of the revenue back to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. It also provides soccer scholarships for underprivileged children who need help paying for their soccer fees.

You can choose from one of four colors: Rocket Orange, Attacker Blue, Smashing Yellow, and Striker Pink. It’s like having a mini coach on your cleats. The device can also be useful for coaches and parents to help kids improve their technique.

The Sockit is currently available on Amazon.

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