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Get paid to walk with Misfit and Bitwalking

Imagine if you could earn a bit of extra cash by walking or running. It would certainly offer an additional incentive to keep fit.

Misfit and Bitwalking have announced this week their partnership to bring currency mining to wearable devices. This means, you can now generate digital currency directly from Misfit devices.

Bitwalking, is a free Android app that converts activity-tracked steps into Walking Dollars (W$). Unlike other digital currencies that are mined by computers, W$ are generated by human movement.

When you accumulate enough W$, you can make purchases at Bitwalking’s in-app marketplace, trade W$ with other users, and make purchases with third party partners. Misfit devices will also become available at Bitwalking’s in-app store.

“Misfit joins Bitwalking in ushering in a new era of access to currency and mobile payments,” said Nissan Bahar, CEO, Bitwalking.

“As most people are unable to generate and benefit from digital currencies, the company plans to offer innovative schemes and easy-to-use technologies for all. New features will be available globally through Bitwalking’s platform and selected partners.”

The Misfit product line will be integrated with the digital currency platform this winter. The company is the first wearable technology brand to partner with Bitwalking.

“Misfit is at the forefront of movement tracking devices and an exciting partner for exploring how the Bitwalking world will look beyond traditional mobile devices. The wearable space is a natural expansion for Bitwalking, creating a technology that walks with us and recognizes our human value,” Bahar added.

California-based Misfit offers a range of health and fitness activity trackers. The company has been around since 2011, but has in this short time become one of the leading wearables brands with its line of sleek and inexpensive activity trackers. Misfit activity trackers have zero cables, elegant designs, and no need to recharge – which makes them one of the best-looking, lowest-maintenance activity trackers on the market.

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Bitwalking plans to partner with sportswear brands, health services, insurance firms, and others in the near future. Employers may also be invited to take part to motivate their employees to stay fitter. The company hasn’t made public the algorithm used to verify steps, but lets hope its sophisticated enough to detect scammers!

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