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Styr Labs’ Smart Bottle tracks your hydration levels

STYR Labs, an ecosystem of connected products and customized nutritional products, launched its third product this week, the STYR Smart Bottle. This is an intelligent hydration system that tracks daily water intake and calculates optimal hydration levels based on each user’s motion, biometrics and environmental conditions.

Whether you’re a serious athlete or a recreational exerciser, it’s important to make sure you get the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise,” STYR Labs Chief Operations Officer Paul Mackay said in a statement.

“Proper hydration goes beyond the athletic realm; it impacts every single individual and we finally have a way to make it easy, fun and convenient. We created the smart bottle to not only have consumers stay hydrated and on top of their game, but to actually enjoy and look forward to drinking water.”

Image source: Styr Labs

The intelligent bottle connects into the STYR Labs’ ecosystem which consists of an activity tracker and wireless scale. The accompanying smartphone app automatically adjusts hydration goals based on activity or body water content, and even takes into consideration the geographic location of the user, adjusting for temperature and humidity.

The bottle features a smart cap which houses a touch-sensitive display that allows you to track daily water intake and manage your electrolyte balance. It also delivers visual and vibration reminders when needed.

What makes STYR Labs different is that the company aims to integrate vitamin shipments into their ecosystem of devices. Once all of the data is collected and analyzed, the system throws up multivitamin recommendations to complement your diet. These can be purchased via the smartphone app and delivered right to your door.

“Consumers want meaningful and validated data they can easily digest and interpret in ways that are personally meaningful to them,” added Mackay.

“We believe natural single-serve vitamins and protein blends that are personalized to you are what the body needs to fuel a healthy lifestyle change or improve athletic performance.”

Image source: Styr Labs

The STYR Smart Bottle is made from insulated stainless steel that will keep drinks cold or hot for hours, and is dishwasher safe. The bottle can be purchased for $59 at

It is certainly a novel idea to have an entire ecosystem of devices helping you create the right diet to complement your fitness routine. But do you really need a a smart bottle to track your water intake? We are not too sure.

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