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MotusQB brings biomechanical analysis into the football field

Motus Global, a US company that helps athletes, coaches, and trainers prevent injury and improve performance, officially unveiled today the motusQB – a wearable that could change the way quarterbacks train.

This innovative system consists of a tiny Motus sensor embedded in a compression arm sleeve. There is also an accompanying smartphone app for analyzing throwing mechanics. The sleeve is meant to be worn on the quarterback’s throwing arm during practice or a football game. The accelerometer and gyroscope record movement throughout the session and communicate this through Bluetooth to the app for advanced biomechanical statistics.

Motus Global

The device allows players to monitor the workload of their throwing arm and receive personalized throw limit recommendations to avoid injury. Advanced visualizations help them gain insight on their throws, while interactive graphs let them delve deeper into trends. The statistics are available in real-time and allow players and coaches the ability to customize their training programs.

The University of Oregon is one of the first colleges to utilize this new technology. It uses it to enhance performance and identify risk factors for injury and fatigue through metrics such as acute and chronic elbow workload trends.

“Motus is an important tool in our toolbox; specifically for measurement of throwing load in our quarterbacks,” said Andrew Murray, Director of Performance and Sports Science at the University of Oregon.

“To be able to objectively quantify the volume and intensity with minimal intervention is helping us promote data driven decision making in our athlete management.”

Analytics churned out by the system are very detailed and include: Total Throws (#), High Effort Throws (#), Elbow Distraction Force (N), Elbow Valgus Torque (Nm), Arm Speed (RPM), Arm Speed (DEG), Shoulder Rotation (DEG), and Fingertip Velocity (MPH).

macbook-pro-motusdash-crop-u234948Motus has already introduced this technology for baseball, and is now bringing it to the football field. Years of lab-based biomechanics studies and analyses helped establish the company as a global leader in this field.

“We’ve been able to take lessons learned in baseball and create a useful tool for the football community, right out of the gate,” said CEO of Motus Global, Joe Nolan.

motusQB retails for $150 and is available now on the Motus Global website.

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