Felcana: the smart cat & dog health monitor

Felcana: the smart cat & dog health monitor

Pet owners are increasingly turning to activity trackers to monitor their animal’s health. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since dogs and cats are often considered as true family members.

Many claim that pets and their owners resemble married couples in that they get more alike over time. While that may not necessarily be true, pets do have one thing in common with their owners. Their obesity statistics make grim reading! Take dogs for example. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, most dogs in the US don’t get enough exercise, more than 40% are overweight and a quarter are obese.

The newest high-tech pet gadget set to hit the market soon is called Felcana – a health ecosystem invented by vets & engineers. The gadget takes a whole home approach to understanding your cat or dog. This includes all aspects of their health, behaviour and environment.

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The device is small and unobtrusive, which means it can fit the smallest and largest cats and dogs. It has a robust, durable and water-resistant design, and actually looks good as well.

There are four components making up the system. Helix (the smart device that attaches to a collar); Micro-Location Beacons (which are positioned around your home to track behavioural and environmental factors); Home Hub (the charging station, range extender, and your pet’s data nest); and the Universal clip (which secures Helix to any collar).

Felcana continuously collects data about your cat or dog. It measures activity, drinking, eating, sleeping, ambient temperature and home location. The mobile app allows you to view all these stats at a glance. The app also tracks progress of any custom-set health goals and monitors any significant changes in activity or behaviour. You will get a warning if your pet is unwell and the app can share this information with other people such as your vet.

Best of all, there are no hidden costs or subscription charges.

Price: $74 and up

Funding successful: 250 backers pledged £26,191 to help bring this project to life.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2017

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