Ping: the world’s smallest, personal GPS device

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Ping: the world’s smallest, personal GPS device

Personal location devices are a dime a dozen these days. As technology shrinks in size and comes down in price, manufacturing these types of wearables is becoming easier by the day.

Most of these trackers are targeted towards a particular niche area such as keeping track of your children, monitoring the whereabouts of your pets or locating personal items. Ping is a new type of wearable, that aims to stand out from the crowd by doing all of this and more.

The outfit behind the gadget say they’ve created the world’s smallest personal GPS locator. About 1.5x the size of a quarter, this versatile and stylish device can be worn, clipped or attached to anyone or anything that moves. Simply pair the device with the accompanying smartphone app, and you’ll know the location of the little tracker at all times.

“Ping aims to solve a problem that no other locating device has been able to – always-on, global tracking”, said Ping founder, Josh Lippiner.

“Other trackers like Tile locate objects within 35 feet and most wearables work only in the US and are bulky and have terrible battery life. We created a discreet device that is easy to use because we want to make sure you can find anything important from next door to 3,000 miles away as quickly as possible.”

Ping also doubles up as a safety device. Simply press the customizable panic button to alert a predetermined list of emergency contacts if you are in the need of help. Or you can opt to ‘check’ in and broadcast your current location to a group of friends and family. A useful feature for kids to let their parents know where they are.

This waterproof and durable device uses Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS Satellites to provide accurate location information in over 150 countries. It has enough juice to run up to 5 months on a single charge (depending on use), thanks to technology which essentially keeps the device dormant until the moment its location is requested.

The creators of Ping, today announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to bring the device to market. The Indiegogo campaign runs until March 2nd, with delivery expected in early summer 2017.

Price: $79 and up

Funding open:
$50,000 flexible goal

Estimated delivery: July 2017

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Ping: the world’s smallest, personal GPS device

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