Pod 3: the GPS tracker for everything

Pod 3: the GPS tracker for everything

Pod is a tiny GPS device which has transformed animal tracking around the world. The monitor lets you locate your pet on demand, keep tabs on their activity and record adventures on a smartphone or computer.

The company behind the popular wearable has now announced their third generation device. The new tracker is suited not just for your pets, but also for bikes, boats and anything else that moves. There are also various add-ons you can attach. Outside of that, Pod 3 has all of the device and app-based features of the previous versions. This includes real-time GPS location, safe zone and escape alerts settings, and activity monitoring.

“A single-purpose unit is no longer enough. From our global work with pets, we learned people need multiple solutions in a single tracker,” said Sebastian Langton, Pod founder and CEO.

“Modularity allows every user to get the necessary core features and then adapt their experience through additional modules. Each module delivers an important new capability and these capabilities make Pod 3 the only tracker in the world that can be easily and inexpensively to protect a range of valuable things.”

There are various modules you can now attach to the little gadget. This includes: a sound module which produces a 90dB beep audible from over 30 meters away; a light module with high powered LEDs; an ultrasonic speaker that emits high frequency sounds which can only be heard by animals & pests; an XL battery; and permanent power dock.

The product design is now complete and the company has, once again, turned to Kickstarter to fund production. With around $120,000 raised, they comfortably above the $50,000 target with 15 days left in the campaign.

Price: $79 and up

Funding open:
$119,379 pledged of $50,000 goal
15 days to go

Estimated delivery: March 2017

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Pod 3: the GPS tracker for everything

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