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Garmin boosts Connect service with features that keep you motivated

When it comes to software, Garmin Connect is one of the most comprehensive platforms out there. While the app and web dashboard might lack in intuitiveness, they certainly don’t lack in detail. With the latest update, Garmin has now thrown in a few more features.

The first is social sharing. Motivation is very important when it comes to striving to achieve your fitness goals. Every little bit helps. For that added boost, you can now share your successes with friends and family through visuals. As pictured above, when you finish a run or any other type of workout, snap a photo and your activity data will be displayed on top of it. So get ready to choose some scenic routes to share with your loved ones. Alternatively, you can always opt for an existing photo from your library.

Garmin Connect is a great tool for seeing your stats and setting goals. Those who are more serious about training no doubt value the detailed information provided by the software platform. If you head over to the insights section of Garmin Connect, you will notice a new demographic comparison feature. Taking its cue from a similar feature in the Fitbit app, the software now allows you to compare your progress with other Garmin Connect users in your age group doing the same type of activity.

Finally, Garmin Connect Challenges allow you to compete with your connections or join groups of people with similar goals. The feature has been around for a while now. You can decide to run the challenge for a day, weekend, week, or choose a custom date range.

But what happens when you have an off week? With its latest update, Garmin want’s to make sure you don’t feel left out – its introducing a host of new alternative challenge awards.

You might be happy to know that you have earned the ‘broken laces’ award, because we all know you would have placed first if something didn’t trip you up and slow your progress. Or you came in last on steps, but you talked a great game the whole time. You get the ‘smack talk’ award.

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