Smart rings galore at WTS 2017

The annual Wearable Technology Show has yet again returned to London’s prestigious ExCel conference centre. The two day event is co-hosted this year with the Digital Health Technology Show, AV, VR & MXR Show and IOT Connect. We are there trying out some of the weird and wonderful gadgets we might all be using in the near future.

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Smart rings are making a strong showing this year. Indistinguishable from regular jewelry in looks, these are gadgets that house some serious smarts. Here are three that we spotted so far, all of which blend fashion with high technology.


smart rings galore at wts 2017 - Smart rings galore at WTS 2017

More than a year since they completed a successful crowd funding campaign, Kerv is showcasing Kerv Ring. The company believes that we shouldn’t have to carry around so much stuff just to get through the day – such as cash, payment cards, loyalty cards, passes, ID, tickets and keys.

The ring dishes up all the features and benefits of NFC. You can use Kerv to make payments anywhere in the world that displays the contactless MasterCard payment symbol –think coffee shops, supermarkets and pub chains. The device works all by itself, so you don’t need to pair it with a smartphone to make a payment. No charging required.

Kerv is engineered from aerospace-grade zirconia technical ceramic, and is available in either black or white outside and a range of colours inside. It is waterproof, lightweight, hypoallergenic and almost as scratch-resistant as diamond.


smart rings galore at wts 2017 2 - Smart rings galore at WTS 2017

Nimb is a ring that puts personal security right into your hands. Press and hold the button on the underside — and the message with your GPS location is immediately and silently sent to friends and family, people nearby, police and emergency services or members of the Nimb community.

You can do it with a touch of a thumb, you don’t even need the other hand to be free. The device will vibrate when the button is being pressed, so you’ll feel it on your finger, plus you have 15 seconds to cancel the alert if you pressed it by mistake.

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Once the emergency alarm is activated, Nimb automatically starts recording audio. It will also protect you against mobile phone loss, gently vibrating when your phone winds up too far away from you.

We tried it out at the event and have to admit the ring seems kind of large. Nevertheless it does look great with a simple and polished design. There is a choice of classic black or white, and various sizes. The device is water and dust resistant and the internal battery will keep it going for up to two weeks before needing a top-up.

The company is taking pre-orders now on its website. It is aiming to ship orders in the next few weeks.

Helios smart ring

smart rings galore at wts 2017 3 - Smart rings galore at WTS 2017

Helios smart ring wants to help you monitor the amount of sunlight you’re getting. There is a UV index sensor and an ambient light sensor onboard, that continuously track the strength of the sun and calculate your vitamin D absorption.

Over a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient because of the indoor lifestyle and sun avoidance behavior. Your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. You also need vitamin D for other important body functions.

You’ll get motivated to consume vitamin D safely from the sun and at the same time the sunlight coach provides sun protection, so you’ll never get sunburned again. The company is launching the ring first in Europe, then in the US and other countries. The device retails for just over $150 and there is a variety of colours to choose from.

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