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Owlet launches version 2 of its baby health monitoring sock

Owlet announced today a new version of its health monitoring smart sock. Designed for babies in their first year of life, the wearable gently wraps around the little one’s foot to track heart rate, oxygen rate, sleep trends and red notification history.

Owlet acts as a guardian, standing watch over your child at night. The device is a smart sock, that not only keeps the baby’s tootsie warm, but also gives a full read of his or her vitals. Version 2 offers a better fit with a wrap-around, more breathable, design. The company has also updated sensor placement, improved bluetooth range and released a new version of the firmware and accompanying smartphone app for fewer false notifications.

When you put this wearable slipper on your baby’s foot, using pulse oximetry the device will silently measure heart rate and oxygen levels. It will then send that information to the app on your smartphone as well as to a Base Station. The two work in tandem, and will sound an alert if your infant’s heart rate dips too low or spikes too high.

Additionally, the Smart Sock has the essentials… it’s hypoallergenic, Latex Free, BPA Free, and Lead Free, and fully adjustable so that your baby will feel as comfortable.

Image source: Owlet

The company also used this opportunity to announce a new connected health system. Still in beta stage, the Connected Care platform allows parents to view trends and insights, enabling them to make proactive decisions and chart a course for development based on data. This includes historical data tracking, detailed information and tracking of when an Owlet Monitor levels are outside the preset zone, sleep trends and more.

The official launch of the Connected Care platform is expected this summer. The plan is for the platform to include future partnerships with other companies to integrate data that will help complete the picture of infant health, with Owlet as the hub for the information.

“From day one, our mission at Owlet has been to revolutionize the way we care for our infants, and that starts with understanding their overall health,” said Kurt Workman, Owlet co-founder, CEO.

“The launch of the new Owlet Smart Sock 2, with its unparalleled insights through the Connected Care platform, is getting us even closer to that goal.

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