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Hovding Cycling Airbag offers a promising alternative to traditional bike helmets

Cycling is a very popular, but also very dangerous sport. Hundreds of cyclists are killed and thousands injured in accidents each year. According to Federal statistics, 722 cyclists were killed in the United States in 2012, with Florida being the state with the highest number of fatalities.

Even though they know it can mean the different between life and death, many amateur cyclists opt out of wearing a helmet.

The Hovding cycling air bag is an innovative product that is designed to be an alternative to a traditional bike helmet. Now on its second generation, it is worn around the neck and is intended to act as an airbag which deploys in the event of a collision, encapsulating the riders head and preventing injury.

Image source: Hovding

The makers claim that this product offers better protection than a tradition helmet due to it’s innovative design. It’s impressive shock absorbing properties and neck protection reduce the risk of injuries from bicycling accidents 8 time more than a traditional helmet.

The Hovding works by taking measurements 200 times each second that help it decide whether or not it should inflate. The air bag needs to be armed in order to be able to deploy, so there is no real worry that it will inflate when it’s not in use.

Image source: Hovding

One of the key drawbacks to this innovative piece of wearable technology is it is a single use device. Similar to a car airbag, once it deploys it will need to be replaced. The lifespan of the unit is around 5-6 years, so as long as you don’t find yourself unfortunate enough to be in a crash, this could prove to be a good long term investment. If you do end up getting hit by a car or losing control of your bike, this little device could save your life.

Helmets, along with proper cycling shoes, GPS trackers and heart rate monitors all play a role in providing cyclists with a safe and enjoyable ride. Having the right gear can help improve your performance and help keep you safe. If you find yourself hopping on your bike without your helmet simply because you don’t like wearing one, this may be a product worth the investment.

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