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New app uses Zepp sensor to gamify baseball practice

Zepp and New Balance have teamed up to launch NB HitClub, a smartphone app that aims to gamify your batting practice.

NB HitClub utilizes Zepp’s baseball and softball swing analytics while enhancing the overall training experience by encouraging competition. Users can take swing challenges, earn achievements, compete against each other and win prizes, while focusing on specific Zepp metrics such as bat speed at impact, time to impact and hand speed max. The app marks the first gamification of a Zepp product.

Image source: Zepp

“Our focus has always been to bring users the most exciting training experience possible, whether you are in Little League or a professional baseball player. The launch of NB HitClub achieves exactly that,” said Robin Han, Zepp CEO.

“Adding gamification into the fold not only is the future of Zepp training devices, but it also illustrates the vision Zepp — along with New Balance — has to help elevate users’ performance.”

Image source: Zepp

“New Balance strives to help athletes at all levels constantly and consciously improve their performance,” said Greg Altin, General Manager of Digital Sport for New Balance.

“Working with Zepp to add the excitement of competition to the hours spent in the cage highlights our commitment to help players who unrelentingly pursue their goals.”

Founded by athletes, the California-based startup is using technology like 3D visuals and interactive training tools to help athletes take their training to the next level. Their products are available for multiple sports to ensure that you stay on top of your game.

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Zepp Baseball 2 (view on Amazon) helps you improve your skills on the baseball pitch. Simply take a few swings and the sensor will instantly evaluate the areas where you can improve and offer you training programs that are tailored to your swing.

The California-based startup also sells an intelligent bat. It incorporates a small cavity in the knob for the Zepp Baseball 2 sensor to be inserted. This provides the natural grip of the bat, and delivers the most accurate data while eliminating any potential distractions to the player or opponents.

NB HitClub will be available on iOS and Android devices as part of Zepp’s newest app update.

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