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Token ring is the portable solution to your hectic lifestyle

Indistinguishable from regular jewellery in looks, smart rings are gradually edging their way into the mainstream. Token is the latest entrant in this space – a smart ring that aims to help you manage various aspects of your life.

Co-founded by Melanie and Steve Shapiro, Token comes jam-packed with features. The smart ring replaces your keys, your wallet and even wants to render remembering passwords a thing of the past.

“We built Token because we’re not OK with a future where people don’t feel safe online. We built Token because we too aren’t motivated to change our behavior unless we’re promised more time, or less work,” Melanie Shapiro wrote in a blog post.

The device supports Bluetooth and NFC and comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor that it uses to authenticate the user. You need not worry though. As soon as the ring is taken off, your credentials are safely locked away.

Token has forged a partnership with MasterCard and Visa allowing you to make payments at more than 15 million global locations. It can also replace transit cards so you can tap and go at more than 50 transit systems across the globe, with another 30 going live in 2018.

Image source: Token

With the optional purchase of a $100 DoorLock supplement, the wearable can unlock your front door. A $100 CarLock add-on will open your car door for you. Knock twice to lock or unlock doors, and if you own a push-button ignition vehicle click the ‘Start’ button to activate the engine.

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“We built a secure environment for these artifacts to live on from a combination of asymmetric cryptography, biometrics, and a secure element.” added Melanie.

“And we used the engrained behavior (swiping a card, entering a password, using house keys) as our benchmark for convenience — we didn’t build a feature unless we could make it faster and easier.”

The waterproof device comes with a charging dock and can run for up to two weeks on a full charge. There are a number of designs to choose from depending on how much you are willing to spend. The 14k rose gold and black rhodium editions go for $299, while the sterling silver accessory comes in at $249.

This is certainly a multi-faceted device, which points to a future where wearable technology will provide portable solutions to make our lives easier. A solution to let you live securely in a digital world.

The device is available for pre-order in the US, for delivery in December 2017. The full release and global availability is expected early next year.

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  • Next, they’ll just imprint it on the backs of our hands and our foreheads. 666 anyone?


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