Image source: Jabra

Jabra Elite Sport gets a sizeable battery upgrade

Image source: Jabra

Jabra has revamped their Elite Sport earbuds. Announced at CE Week 2017, they now offer 50% more battery life, enhanced capabilities for personalizing sound and a new Lime Green Gray colour option.

The most interesting upgrade here is the battery life. Jabra’s Elite Sport Upgraded will keep going for 4.5 hours, up from 3 hours of the predecessor model. With the portable charging case, this climbs up to an impressive 13.5 hours.

The accompanying smartphone app has also benefitted from a refresh, and it now allows you to personalize your sound profiles and settings. These new software features will be available to owners of predecessor models as well.

The other specs are the same. Like the original, the headphones come in a waterproof design that provides advanced wireless connectivity and superior quality call and music and comfortable and secure cord-free fit. For fitness you get in-ear precision heart rate monitor and fitness analyzer, personalized in-ear audio coaching, race pace calculator and recovery advice.

“While design aesthetics and features are crucial, we also appreciate that to most users battery is ‘king,'” said Calum MacDougall, SVP at Jabra.

“All the features in the world can be meaningless if your battery unexpectedly runs out on you. This is true for most electronics products, such as mobile phones and laptops – and certainly also your headphones. With this upgrade of Elite Sport, Jabra has taken a significant step in boosting battery experience in the true wireless category.”

The Elite Sport Upgrade is can only be purchased in the US and Canada right now. International availability is expected to land this fall.

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  • You can buy in the UK now as well


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