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Capture the mechanics of how you run with the new RunScribe Plus

RunScribe has opened pre-orders for RunScribe Plus, its next generation running analysis tool.

The lightweight gadget mounts on the heel or laces of your shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor at 500Hz sampling rate to capture your movements. It makes thousands of calculations for every stride, allowing you to track progress, assess risk and quantify the impact of training on form and symmetry.

Because RunScribe Plus comes with separate pods for each foot, the metrics are very detailed. This includes Efficiency (Stride Rate, Contact Time, Flight Ratio), Motion (Footstrike Type, Pronation, Pronation Velocity), Shock (Impact Gs, Braking Gs) and Symmetry.

RunScribe now also supports power metrics. Running Power represents the amount of energy required to maintain pace, be it running on a treadmill, up a mountain, or just out for a recovery run. You can use it to optimise your running economy, measure your fitness and shape, measure the exact effort of your workout and maintain the optimal pace in a race.

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Interestingly, the company has, for the first time, opened up its software platform so that you can get real-time metrics via ANT/ANT+ on Garmin Connect IQ (Forerunner, Fenix, and Vivoactive) and Suunto (Ambit, Spartan). This addresses a major criticism of the product.

The 16GB of onboard flash memory stores your runs and wireless data sync is available via Bluetooth Smart through iOS or Android. Battery life is unchanged from the predecessor device, at 16 hours. This is more than sufficient, though, to get you through a week or two of training.

Image source: Runscribe

With this little tracker, you can compare runs to see how metrics shift over time, the impact of different factors, like terrain, shoe type or distance may have on key metrics, and see how your metrics compare with averages from the runScribe community.

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