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SmartHalo brings GPS navigation and activity tracking to any bicycle

SmartHalo is a simple GPS navigator and tracker than turns any regular bike into a smart one.

The gadget comes from a company located in North America’s biking capital, Montreal. Back in 2015, the 15 strong outfit raised over CA$ 500,000 on Kickstarter to develop the product. Since then, over 10,000 backers have received the device and in the past few days SmartHalo has become available for purchase to all. You can check it out on Amazon.

Image source: SmartHalo

This is smart biking device designed for urban cyclists, essentially a Swiss Knife of biking accessories. The device mounts right in the centre of your handlebars, and the company has made sure it fits any bike.

First off, the GPS navigation system shows you the quickest, safest routes to your destination. All you need to do is type in the destination on your smartphone, the low energy LED lights on the weather-proof gadget do the rest. When its time to turn, the signal beams in circular white and green colors, and if you are traveling in the wrong direction you’ll get a red flashing prompt.

Image source: SmartHalo

Next up are automatic tracking capabilities. SmartHalo acts like a simple bike computer and will switch on its tracking functions as soon as you start pedalling. At the end of your ride, the smartphone app will show you information on average speed, calories, elevation, distance, route maps, and time.

You can also set up fitness goals in the app, and the gadget will display your progress in real-time on your handlebars. SmartHalo can even show real-time call alerts, message and weather notifications. Just make sure you stop before you read them!

Then there are the security functions. The gadget stays permanently on your beloved bike with tamper-proof screws and a military-grade locking system. If you are not around, the integrated alarm system will scare off any thieves. Since the device pairs with your phone, the alarm system is deactivated as soon as you approach. And if you’ve forgotten where you parked, SmartHalo can remind you of that, too.

Finally, with 250 lumens, SmartHalo can also be used as a nightlight. You don’t need to push any buttons, as soon as the sun sets the gadget is clever enough to automatically switch the lights on.

Most of SmartHalo’s features rely on Bluetooth rather than internet connection. This being said, the turn-by-turn navigation requires an internet connection to work. Under normal use, its battery will last about three weeks. It will last longer if you use it less.

The device stays on your bike at all times, always there when you need it. It seamlessly connects to your phone and enhances your bike.

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