Image source: Samsung

Samsung Gear Fit2 gets continuous heart rate tracking

Image source: Samsung

Existing owners of Gear Fit2 will be happy to know a software update is coming which brings continuous heart rate monitoring and heart rate zones.

Samsung may have introduced an upgraded version of the tracker earlier this month, but its not forgetting owners of the predecessor device. Although small in size (18.96MB), the firmware update bundles support for 24/7 heart rate tracking along with a Heart Rate Zone tool which tells you how hard your heart is working.

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Heart rate zones are important to training and improving your fitness. Most people who exercise will tell you they want to lose weight or simply get fitter. Not many people, however, know what their heart rate is or where it really should be. This means that often, they are not training in the most efficient way to achieve their goals.

All top athlete’s heart rate train, as they know this will help them to reach their top potential in the shortest amount of time possible. Samsung’s tool will show 5 different zones, with each zone representing varying levels of intensity.

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The update also comes with the usual bug fixes along with a few new watch faces and a Schedule App and Weather App. According to Tizen Experts, the new software is currently making its rounds in Indonesia, with a worldwide rollout expected soon.

Launched last year, Gear Fit2 is a fully featured fitness device that comes with GPS and 4GB of built-in storage for music. Its successor, the Gear Fit2 Pro, was unveiled a few weeks ago. It brings water-proofing down to 50 meters and swim tracking. The other difference is that the tracker monitors your ticker around the clock, but with this update the predecessor version will now do this as well.

Source: SamMobile, Tizen Experts

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