See.Sense ACE: the intelligent light that makes cycling safer

See.Sense ACE: the intelligent light that makes cycling safer

See.Sense ACE is a new smart light that combines the latest artificial intelligence technology with an elegant design.

Launched on Kickstarter in early October, it comes from a Northern Irish cycling technology company called Ace. The light is said to be a more intelligent and budget friendly version of the company’s existing Icon light.

Equipped with 125 lumens, See.Sense ACE illuminates the road in all conditions. The light is packed with sensors and AI technology that adjusts its brightness and flash patterns to your unique riding style. It reacts intelligently to roundabouts, road-junctions, filtering in traffic, approaching car headlights and more. The company says ACE lights monitor the environment hundreds of times per second.

The lightweight gadget comes with an upgraded processing engine that delivers 46% more power and new digital signal processing. It is also equipped with ANT+ integration so can be controlled from Garmin EDGE cycling computers.

Like all things these days, the lights come with an accompanying smartphone app. This provides you with ride stats, custom flash patterns, smart battery management, theft alert, a social community and more. The nifty gadget will even let you loved ones know if you happen to have an unfortunate crash.

“We are incredibly proud of ACE! ACE embodies five years of research and development along with ideas shared by our cycling community,” said Philip McAleese, CEO and Co-founder.

“We’ve created a bike light with cutting edge technology at a price point accessible for everyone. We are passionate about helping the global cycling community and we are particularly excited to work with cities around the world to help shape the future of cycling infrastructure using completely anonymised data from our customers.”

With 10 hours of runtime, ACE can be attached a number of ways including panniers, aero posts and being clipped to jerseys or backpacks.

With 4 days to go, the company is well ahead of its £30,000 goal. In fact, just 4 hours after the Kickstarter campaign opened, it was fully funded. Backers can expect to receive their smart lights in Summer 2018.

Check out the video above for more information.

Price: £27 and up

Funding open:

£158,617 raised out of £30,000 goal
4 days to go

Estimated delivery: June 2018

View on:

See.Sense ACE: the intelligent light that makes cycling safer

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