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The new Oura ring is small, beautiful and powerful

Oura has announced it is opening pre-orders of the second generation of its activity and sleep tracking ring. The new wearable is more accurate, more powerful, it has better battery life and is smaller than the original.

Image source: Oura

Designed to be worn around the clock, this is a smart ring that puts great emphasis on sleep. With no buttons to push, it automatically detects and analyzes the quality of your rest, sleep stages and recovery by measuring your heart rate and heart rate variability, pulse wave form, respiration rate, body temperature, movement and more. All these physiological signals are used to let you know how to get more restorative sleep and align to your circadian rhythm, i.e. your body clock’s natural 24-hour rhythm.

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While you are awake the, durable and water resistant (down to 100 metres) Oura ring automatically measures your physical activity and time spent sitting. The ring counts your daily steps and total distance traveled. It also estimates the calories burned per day. All of this information is clearly displayed in the accompanying smartphone app and online dashboard which have benefitted from a design refresh.

Image source: Oura

The second generation ring addresses one of the biggest customer complaints and, at less than half the size of its predecessor, is much slimmer. There are three distinct designs to choose from: the Heritage which has a flat top and silver, black, premium rose and stealth colour options; Balance which features an elegant edge and comes in silver, black, and premium rose; and finally for those who want the best, the Balance Diamond which comes with five 0.005 ct diamonds.

There are some improvements under the hood as well. Oura 2 comes with improved sensors, more processing power and more memory (up to 6 weeks of data). Also, even though the battery is half the size of the first generation, it provides triple the juice (about a week).

“The new Oura ring uniquely combines beautiful design and pioneering technology with ultimate wearing comfort and scientific accuracy,” says Kari Kivelä, CTO, Head of Design and Co-Founder at Oura Health.

“The new ring is a real leap forward in technology – its processing power is ten-fold compared to the first Oura ring and even with added functionality the battery lasts up to one week with a single charge.”

All three collections are available to pre-order on with shipping set to begin in April 2018. Prices range from $299 to $900 and the Finnish health technology company is offering a 20% discount to those who order early.

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