Radius F1: the speed-sensing, auto-adjusting bike light

Radius F1: the speed-sensing, auto-adjusting bike light

Radius F1 is a new smart bike light that helps ensure riders are visible on the road.

We’ve seen other intelligent bike lights but this is the only one that has speed-controlled light output, i.e. as you ride faster, the it gets brighter; when you slow down, it dims. This not only ensures you are visible on the road and can see what’s ahead of you, but it also helps to conserve battery life.

There are six light modes in total. In addition to the auto-adjusting brightness mode, the light transitions into a safety-enhancing pulse mode when you’re turning a corner and flashes when you’re braking to a stop. If you are stationary for up to 3 minutes the light will go into standby mode, and it will automatically switch off after an hour of inactivity. The wake-up mode is easily triggered – just start riding again.

The IPX7 water-resistant light snaps on to any bicycle and can just as easily be detached to prevent theft. It comes with an accompanying bluetooth remote controller which you can use to manually adjust brightness.

There are two version to choose from, the Radius F1 450 and the more expensive Radius F1 650. The main difference is that the more high spec version has a stronger light, 200-650 lumens versus 200-450 lumens.

Starting at $40, Radius F1 is fairly inexpensive. Delivery to Indiegogo backers is expected in the Spring.

Price: $40 and up

Funding open:

$17,622 raised out of $15,000 goal
23 days to go

Estimated delivery: April 2018

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Radius F1: the speed-sensing, auto-adjusting bike light

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