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Zepp to stop selling baseball and softball sensor products in the US

Blast Motion and Zepp Labs have, this week, announced the settlement of their patent litigation. This follows a US District Court decision that ruled both companies infringed on each other’s patents.

Founded by athletes, Zepp is a California-based startup. Its wearables use technology such as 3D visuals and interactive training tools to help athletes take their training to the next level. The company’s products are available across multiple sports including baseball, softball, tennis, soccer and golf.

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Blast Motion, which produces similar products, sued Zepp some two years ago for patent infringement. The court decision and subsequent settlement allow both companies to keep selling their products, apart from one. From June 17th this year, Zepp is banned from selling baseball and softball sensor products in America. The rest of the agreement is confidential.

Image source: Zepp

Blast Motion has another patent infringement litigation pending against Diamond Kinetics. These three companies are the leaders when it comes to consumer wearable tech for baseball and softball. The only other significant player is Garmin, which recently introduced its Impact Bat Sensor.

Zepp says that it will continue to support its baseball and softball apps. If you live in the US and want to purchase the company’s products for these sports, you still have another six months in which to do so.

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