MAZU: a no-fuss solution to track your underwater adventures

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

With MAZU, connecting your underwater adventures becomes simple.

Using sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, the gizmo automatically tracks your dives. There are no buttons to press. Simply clip MAZU to your gear and it will automatically wake up and start logging as soon as you enter the water.

Using depth, temperature, and motion sensors, MAZU dishes out data on dive time, max depth, mean depth, ascent rate, descent rate, temperature, calories burned, dive profile and more. Out of the water, it automatically syncs with the accompanying smartphone app so there are no cables to worry about. Wireless connection is managed through tap control and LED feedback lets you know when it’s activated.

The more you use MAZU, the more it learns about your preferred style of diving. It then uses this information to recommend new adventures or even new buddies based on your unique style.

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The little gadget runs on a standard coin cell battery which is good for about 100 hours of logging. This equates to around 120 dives. Using a dual axial o-ring seal design, MAZU is able to withstand pressure down to 100 m which should be enough for even the most accomplished divers.

If you are looking for a no-fuss solution to track your underwater adventures, the little wearable might be of interest. With 25 days to go in the Kickstarter campaign, its about a third of the way to its intended $35,000 goal.

Price: $89 and up

Funding open:

$12,154 raised out of $35,000 goal
25 days to go

Estimated delivery: May 2018

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Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

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