Moxie: stay in touch with your furry friend

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

If you were on the lookout for a smartphone for your four-legged friend, the wait is finally over. With Moxie, your furry companion is only a phone call away.

Measuring just 2.5 inches in diameter, the gizmo attaches to a pet’s collar. It offers an on-board image stabilized camera capable of live streaming what your pet sees straight to your phone. Seeing life from your dog’s perspective might make those long hours spent in the office just a tad less boring. The accompanying smartphone app lets you sort and upload videos from your phone, and share with friends and family.

Inside there is a two-way microphone, an HD 30FPS camera, 1220 mAh battery and a set of communicative LEDs. The built-in speaker allows for two-way communication. Not only can you call Fido, but Moxie’s patented Call to Bark Technology allows your dog to call your cellphone based on your parameters (time, length, frequency). On receiving the call, the owner is able to see what his dog is doing in real time.

Moxie is the brainchild of two Irvine-based pet-loving tech enthusiasts.

““We are excited to bring to you our revolutionary smartphone for dogs. The first of its kind, Moxie was developed to ensure peace of mind for all dog owners when they are unable to be physically present before their pet,” said Dr. Tony Beizaee, who founded Moxie with Evan Jafa.

“Most importantly, our device will allow you to stay closer to your furry friend whenever you wish to be through multiple live video calls throughout the day.”

A smartphone for dogs? Now is this really necessary? Well, 172 backers think it is. If you want to join them, it will cost you $150 to back the project. Delivery is expected in August.

Price: $150 and up

Funding open:

$17,064 raised out of $15,613 goal
25 days to go

Estimated delivery: August 2018

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Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

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