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Google Coach is a wearable assistant that will whip you into shape

Google is reportedly working on a wearable health and fitness AI assistant to help whip you into shape.

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According to Android Police, Google Coach will do more than just track your exercise. The health-centric wearable will use AI to disect your daily habits and suggest ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. This includes spitting out workout routines, suggesting alternatives if you’ve skipped going to the gym and more.

The gizmo will also help with nutrition. It will provide ideas for healthy meals, provide shopping lists and suggest places to eat out based on your location. Hydration is also an important part of the health equation and Google Coach will make sure you are drinking enough water.

This may all sound like information overload. So to avoid being bugged with constant health tips, the report says the notifications would be bundled together and adjusted into a system that would make them more conversational.

Google Coach should not be confused with Google Pixel Watch which is set to launch sometime in the fall. This will be a separate Wear OS wearable that will come with its own smartphone app. It may also appear on Google Home and other devices in limited capacity.

This certainly sounds like an ambitious project. And while it might come across as a bit intrustive, it points to the future of wearables that goes way beyound mindless counting of steps and calories. A future where such devices provide meaningful analysis of our vitals data. Ideally in real time, so we can optimize our fitness data into action. Make no mistake, this is the direction we’re going in.

Now all this is not set in stone. The report says the specifics and even the name may change. There is also no info yet on a potential landing date.

Source: Android Police

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