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Pocket Radar launches next gen sports speed radar and companion app

Pocket Radar has launched a new version of its portable sports radar along with a smartphone app that provides video recording and speed insights.

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Touted as the first affordable speed and video training system, Smart Coach Radar can be used for a number of sports including baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse and tennis. The product builds on the California based startup’s popular Ball Coach Radar. The accuracy and range (120 feet for baseball) is the same, but the next generation product comes with a plethora of extras.

Pocket Radar launches next gen sports speed radar and companion app

The most important of the lot is compatibility with the Pocket Radar app. This provides video recording abilities with an embedded speed display. Users will get instant feedback on a variety of stats.

For example for baseball, the gizmo will spit out metrics such as hitting exit velocity, serve speed, pitch speed and more. The app tracks results over time so players can monitor their progress. There is also a video sharing function and social media integration feature.

“With the new Smart Coach Radar, coaches and athletes of all ages are able to capture accurate speeds integrated with video of their mechanics, or get immediate feedback of their speeds delivered wirelessly to their smartphones,” said Pocket Radar CEO and cofounder Steve Goody.

“Now, any youth athlete can use the same technology in their backyard that professional players and teams use on the field every day.”

Smart Coach Radar weighs only 4.5 ounces and that’s with batteries inside, so is incredibly portable. The gizmo can be used as a standalone radar gun, or in conjunction with the new smartphone app. It has a speed range of up to 130 miles per hour and its accuracy has been certified by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

A great alternative to bulky speed guns, the gizmo retails for $399.99. You can pick it up at

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