Online retailers start listing Fitbit Charge 3, price and other info revealed

We pretty much know all there is to know about the upcoming Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker. But until now, these were all unconfirmed rumours. However, a bit of investigative work reveals the tracker is now starting to appear on various retail outlets. Some of these advertisements have dissapeared, while others remain.

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The listings show there will be two versions of the device, a regular one without NFC for payments and a Special Edition with Fitbit Pay. The lower specs of the two will retail for $150, which is the same as its predecessor. The high spec will set you back an extra $20 or so.

This will be a one size fits all affair. However, the Charge 3 will arrive with two bands – a small and a large one. Fitbit has done something similar with its Versa watch. You will also be able to buy other bands a swap them around to customize the tracker to your liking.

One of the advertisements goes into detail.

Get a deeper understanding of your body, your health and your progress with Fitbit Charge 3. This water resistant advanced fitness tracker does more than count steps—it tracks 24/7 heart rate, calorie burn, 15+ exercises, goal progress, sleep and more. Every day, you’ll find valuable insights about your health that will empower you to take action, improve yourself and reach your goals.

Get the nudge you need to stay on track toward your goals with a daily dashboard that reminds you to stay active, get hydrated, stick to a sleep schedule and more.

Use 24/7 heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize workouts and uncover health trends that inspire you to make moves on your health and fitness goals. Real-time heart rate zones to see whether you’re in the Fat Burn, Cardio or Peak zone…

The listings go into detail about the all-day calorie burn and activity tracking functions. Charge 3 will keep tabs on your steps, distance, floors climbed, active minutes and more. The device also benefits from detail sleep insights introduced recently by the San Francisco outfit.

Out of the box, the gizmo will monitor more then 15 exercises. 50 metre water resistance is on the cards and you’ll be able to use Charge 3 in the shower, pool and beyond. Swimming is on that list 15+ exercises. No GPS, though. Don’t look for it – its not there. The company has probably done this to keep the cost down.

In terms of other specs – the tracker will sport a full touch OLED touchscreen. The physical button on the left has dissapeared. The larger screen real estate allows for a new Quick Reply feature. This will allow Android smartphone owners to use the device to send with pre-canned replies to messages.

Battery life is an excellent 7 days on a single charge. This beats its predecessor by 2 days.

There you go folks. That’s pretty much know all there is to know about the upcoming Charge 3. The fact that online retailers are starting to list the fitness tracker all but confirms an imminent launch, most likely in a couple of weeks time at IFA in Berlin.

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