Pupple: play, treat and watch your pet remotely

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There’s a new gadget to play with for concerned pet-parents. Dubbed Pupple, it allows you to interact, treat and watch what your puppy gets up to while you are away.

We all love our pets. But let’s face it, the hectic modern lifestyle makes it difficult to spend as much time as we would like with them. Pupple is a crowdfunded project that takes a novel approach to pet entertainment. It consists of a station which is home to a TreatHouse and a BirdHouse. Both slip neatly on top of each other.

As its name implies, the TreatHouse allows you to reward your pet remotely. Activated via the app, it will fling out your pooch’s favorite treat at the touch of a button. There is also a scheduled treat function which does this for you.

Arguably, the more interesting part of the system is the BirdHouse. This provides a means of playing with your pet from your office, car or evening out. The app allows you to control Bird, a durable, waterproof, chew proof, stair proof, WiFi connected Ball that has a camera built-in. It was designed to tap into pet’s natural instinct to chase after birds, and comes in a choice between canary, woodpecker, snowy owl and calimero.

Simply whizz it around the room and your pet will be too busy to think about its missing owner. You can even choose to get notified when your pooch nudges the ball and wants to play. Or simply activate auto-play mode and Bird will keep them engaged and happy without your assistance.

If the Bird is tired out and running out juice, simply roll it back into the BirdHouse. You’ll get a notification when the 3,000 mAh battery is getting low. A 90 minute top-up will be good for up to two hours of run time.

The last element of the system is the two-way communication. In addition to the camera in Bird, there is a 1080P HD camera with night vision built into the TreatHouse. It sits right next to the microphone which has the ability to detect if your dog is barking. Speak into the accompanying smartphone app and the speaker in the TreatHouse will broadcast your voice, helping to calm them down. The other options are to play pre-recorded messages when the gizmo detect’s barking noise, roll out a treat, or let Bird do its thing.

Pupple is now on Kickstarter with what seemed like an ambitious goal of $100,000. It was primarily designed for dogs, but you can also use it for cats. A pledge of $165 will put you on the list to be one of the first to receive the product. With 16 days to go, the company already has enough funds to go into production.

Price: $165 and up

Funding open:

$109,250 raised out of $100,000 goal
16 days to go

Estimated delivery: July 2019

View on:

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