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Suunto to showcase the Konect Sports speed reaction system at CES 2019

Five new wearable products powered by Suunto’s Movesense technology will be displayed at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Amongst these is a reaction, speed and agility training system called Konect Speed.

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Reaction time is the time taken for a player to respond to a given situation. It may not be directly important to a players skill set, but it’s almost as important as a players technical ability. How fast are you off the mark? How quickly can you go through the box drill? Konect Sports aims to provide you with these answers.

Suunto to showcase the Konect Sports speed reaction system at CES 2019
Image source: Konect Sports

Its Konect Speed wearable uses a tiny 3D motion sensor from Movesense to register the instant the athlete’s core body moves. Paired with target sensors on the field, the gizmo captures reaction time, split and total time/speed.

All of this is synced in real-time with the Konect Speed iPad app. Trainers can then use the information to measure, compare and improve individual athlete’s performance, focus on specific types of body movements, as well as measure different components during drills. They can even encourage healthy competition by gamifying workouts, all with leaderboards letting athletes know how they rank against their teammates.

Suunto to showcase the Konect Sports speed reaction system at CES 2019
Image source: Konect Sports

Retailing for $299.95, the Konect Speed Pro version is intended for solo athletes. It comes with one Speed sensor, one target sensor, a sensor mount and a traveling case. There is also a Pro Team bundle that comes with a trio of Speed and target sensors. It retails for $899.95.

“We were one of nine companies selected to take part in 1st and Future, a sports tech pitch contest sponsored by the NFL, said David Troup, founder of Konect Sports.

“We went from that pitch to a product in 10 months. While developing our first product, Konect Speed Training, we conceived of a second product, the Konect Speed Pro, which we developed in seven weeks. We could not have done this without Movesense.”

Konect Speed can be used by teams on all levels from scholastic to club to professional are utilizing reaction and speed data to gain the upper hand in the game. It’s finding most use in youth sports such as like football, basketball, baseball and soccer.

This is only one of five products powered by Movesense motion sensing technology that will be showcased at at CES 2019. Others include: Morph Wear – a swimming analytics solution; W2ND – for real-time lactate threshold measurement; – which detects signs of health and mobility issues in the elderly; and Overskudd – for athletes performance analysis. You’ll be able to find all of them at Suunto’s booth in Las Vegas between January 8th and 11th.

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